The campuses of SRI SARASWATHI DEGREE COLLEGE situated in Labbipet and Bhavanipuram locations are well constructed to the ideal standards. They are located in peaceful environments faraway to the city snarls with spacious rooms furnished with comfortable seating and are well-lit. The corridors are spaced enough for the students to exit with comfort. All safety measures are taken to prevent any unfortunate events. Private security personnel were employed for safe guarding the campus. Campus is provided with power generator when need arises. Water coolers are set up in every floor with an attached water purifier for safe drinking water. There are several other amenities for good environment in the campus for students.


College has an extensive library with excellent collection of volumes, periodicals, reference books, academic books and also has subscribed to several publications and newspapers.

The books are sorted out in separate racks and library has good facilities to giving a reading or two. Students are permitted to library when any of their regular classes are cancelled. Library cards are issued for the students with the permission of the principal to take books home. Reference books will not be issued as they are useful for all the students.

The books should be returend with in due time and students must take care in returning and keeping books in shape. If any material is found torn, the respective student has to pay compensation for the book.


Classrooms are spacious, well furnished, brightly lit and ventilated. Separate rows are allocated for boys and girls for disciplinary purpose. Floor in-chargers are assigned for vigilance to prevent any misconduct in the classrooms. College has counselling bays for mischievous students and situations are taken under control by head of department.

Audio-Visual room

College conducts seminars and guest lecturers for SRI SARASWATHI DEGREE COLLEGE students as well as other students who are occasionally invited. So we provide lofty seminar halls with good audio and visual installations for better visibility and audibility.It is sound proof and does not encourage any external disturbances. It is also provided with air conditioners, LCD Projector for Power Point Presentations or any visual presentations and amplifiers to enhance the audibility. The chairs are separately designed for comfortable sitting and taking down of the notes.

Other than seminars these are used regularly by the college clubs and for communication skills classes. They are checked regularly to avoid malfunction in the middle.

Internet Facility

Internet, the communication web, is the source for all information these days; computers are replacing books, televisions, etc. SRI SARASWATHI DEGREE COLLEGE has provided the internet facility at the campus to browse through the realm of information. All the computers in the college are interconnected for easy file sharing are set up with 2 MBPS connection. This facility is for free of cost and they are allowed to browse relevant material, to apply for jobs, to check scholarship information etc.         

Academics and book knowledge obtained in the classroom will help for excellence in examinations. But for winning career, practicals will give boost their skills. Laboratories are provided for required subjects to have a good practical experience.

Computer Labs

Fully air conditioned labs supported with LAN with latest configuration, equipped with OHDS, LCD projectors and internet connectivity. College has extensively planned five computer labs which are remarkable testimony to the thrust that the college lays on Information Technology.

Science Labs

The college provides ably-designed and well-equipped laboratories in the department of Bio-Technology, Bio-Chemistry, Micro-Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Electronic. They are fitted with required tools, balances, CSE and electronic devices, chemicals, apparatus, glassware etc.

Hardware & Networking labs

College provides hardware and networking course, the most productive field in the area of IT. Separate labs are dedicated for these courses with all the required hardware and networking eqipment. Students are encouraged to have a practical experience with the latest configuration and are provided with the tools and equipment. Certified technicians accompany the students and monitor their work.

English Labs

The growing importance of the English language has added practicals in the academic curriculum by the university. Students are given training in pronunciation, accent and intonation parts of the language. They are made to participate in role play, group discussions, mock interview and several other activities